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Using Softools API to Integrate with other Software

Common reasons to use the Softools API is to integrate to or make use of a third party software or service that requires the transfer of data from Softools to a Third Party Software or from the Third Party Software into Softools. In some cases this may also be bi-directional sending and receiving data via the Integration.

If you have a Project Management Suite of Apps and you need to feed in Monthly Resourcing from a Resource Management Tool or you are conducting your Production Line Audits and wish this to feed into a centralised Executive Reporting Tool, this is where you can take advantage of the Softools API to automate the data feeds.

An API is an Application Programming Interface. Using Softools APIs, these are functions that are run by making HTTPS Requests allowing you to make use of the data contained in your Softools Portal.

What this means is that by knowing the HTTPS Method, URI and Authentication Headers for an API Call, you will be able to GET data out of your Softools Apps as well as PATCH and POST data back into the Apps.

*Please Note: Use of the Softools API is subject to fair and sustainable use for data volumes and frequency of runs. If you have any questions on what is deemed to be fair use, please contact us and we can review each use case.

Using TENANT and APIKEY in the Headers to Authorise your API Calls

When making an API Call, the request needs to be authenticated. This keeps your data secure and all the API Calls in this section will require you to know both the Tenant (your Softools portal) and the API for your User Account.


For the API key, you obtain this by going to 'My Profile' under the COGs menu. The API Key is specific to the User and any API Calls made with this key will show as being enacted by this User in places such as Record Created By and Record Updated By.

Then, scrolling down to the bottom of the profile you will see the API Key. Initially this will not be set but you will have the option to set it. Once set click on the view icon at the right of the box which will expose the API Key to you to be able to copy and use.

If you are concerned that anyone may have had access to your API Key, you can click to refresh the API Key associated to the User. This new Key would then need to be updated in any scripts or integrations that have already been set up.

*Note: This feature is currently only available in the Legacy version of Softools. Please log into https://{{tenant}}.as.softools.net, this will give you access to the Legacy version of Softools and you will be able to set an API Key.


This is usually the first part of your site URL. If your portal is https://companyabc.on.softools.net then it is likely that your tenant is 'companyabc'. in some cases it may be that you are using an alias as the hostname. If you need to check your tenant,

Please contact your Account Manager and we can get this confirmed for you.

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